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Cocktail Menu

Snow Angel Martini 13
Vanilla vodka, coconut rum, coco lopez, blue curacao, with a coconut rim
Rapture Martini  13
New Amsterdam berry vodka, peachtree, and triple sec with pineapple Juice, floated with prosecco
Winter Mule 12
Tito’s vodka, house infused spiced cranberry liqueur with ginger beer 
Irish Espresso Martini 13
Irish whiskey, kahlua, baileys, and fresh espresso, cinnamon sugar dust
Maple Rum Old Fashioned 13
Mad River’s maple cask rum, pure maple syrup, dash of angostura bitter, garnished with an orange peel
Cranberry Ginger Margarita 13 
Lunazul tequila, Wild Moon cranberry liqueur, ginger liqueur, sour, garnished with cranberries with a sugared rim 
Warm and Toasted 13
 Tap maple rye whisky, cherry, maple syrup, dash of bitters, burnt orange peel 
Hot and Filthy 14
Chopin vodka made dirty with olive brine and sriracha, garnished with blue cheese stuffed olives
Bourbon Sangria 13
Bulliet bourbon, pinot noir, spiced rum, triple sec, grenadine, orange juice, soda water, garnished with cherry and lemon 
Blood Orange Elderflower Aperol Spritz 13
Prosecco and Aperol with elderflower and blood orange liqueur
Limoncello  Martini 12
New Amsterdam Lemon with limoncello, sour mix, fresh lemon juice. Topped with sprite and a sugared rim
Vanilla Butterscotch Cider 12
Crown Royal Vanilla, butterscotch liqueur, warm apple cider with a dash of cinnamon
Chamomile Citrus Hot Toddy 12
Chamomile and citrus tea, local honey, Old Overholt rye whiskey with lemon